Our mission and our two apps Sleepio & Daylight

Excited to announce that about a week ago I joined Big Health as VP Product leading an incredible team of product managers and designers.

After selling Steady to Carbon Health last year I started thinking about how software can play an even bigger role in the transformation of healthcare than it does today. We already use software in our interactions with healthcare all the time, but more often than not it’s used to connect with a doctor, schedule a visit, or share labs — a means to an end. Rarely software is the thing that actually helps us improve our health.

But then I got introduced to Peter Hames at Big Health. He opened my eyes to an opportunity that I knew about but had not fully understood the importance of, Digital medicine.

In today’s America, there are many challenges with mental healthcare. It’s expensive, has long wait times and quality is highly variable. Six in 10 practitioners reported that they no longer have openings for new patients, and nearly half said they have been unable to meet the demand for treatment.

This means that doctors often use drugs as the “solution”. Following COVID-19, roughly one-fourth of Americans took or are taking some form of psychiatric medicine. That’s more than anywhere else in the world.

But there is an alternative. Big Health is on a mission to help millions back to good mental health using an alternative (or complement) to drugs or in-person care: Software. Our apps for insomnia (Sleepio) and anxiety (Daylight) are clinically proven and loved by patients. And, have all the magical characteristics of any software solution, scalable, cheap, infinitely personalizable, and is with you wherever you go. Software alone won’t solve the crisis but I fundamentally believe it can play a much bigger role than it does today. And we’re only scratching the surface of what’s possible.

Could not be more excited to join Peter, Arun, Gabbi, Jenna, and the rest of the team to continue to build world-leading treatments for mental health conditions and to expand the role of software in healthcare.

If you’re interested in working on this problem — DM me!



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